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Validating eurail pass in italy

We have been in the hospitality business helping customers plan their train travel for 20 years.We know what information you need and will guide you to make your experience a pleasurable one.

Passes can be purchased at Eurail Aid Offices, located at major European train stations; you can find their locations in the Eurail app.Eurail passes are convenient, too -- you can buy one before you leave the US and, once you're on the road, hop on a train anytime and anywhere in Europe that's covered by your pass.Where to buy Eurail passes: Buy Eurail passes from the United States before you leave for Europe.Examples of discounts include free or discounted ferry and bus fares, discounts on hotel and hostel reservations, and discounts on tours or attractions.Not all passes are available for sale in Europe, and it will depend on which country you are in whether you can purchase a pass.Passes provide access to most rail routes and allow you hassle-free travel since you won’t have to wait in lines at the train station to get tickets.In some cases, you will still have to make reservations or pay supplements, but many routes allow for unlimited pass use without requiring any extra fees.They will also stamp the pass in order to validate it.Activation is only possible at train stations in participating Eurail countries.2.Once your request is received in our office, we will exchange the pass.You need to activate your Eurail Pass before you can start using it.


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