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Sony pc companion not updating phone Lsexi live cam

Sony Corporation has developed lots of products and taken up certain market portion of these products, such as camera, smartphones and earphones.

For the smartphone, the Xperia X/Z series brought benefits to most photo-taking lovers since they can use such cellphone with smart camera to capture attractive images.

Thus, that is to say, you can switch data, do a backup for phone/tablet, restore backup files, update firmware with such wise PC suite if you have connected the device to PC.

Before you use PC Companion for Xperia, please make sure that you have prepared suitable environment for the operation. Please confirm you can handle over Internet broadband connection. Your computer should have 5 GB free hard disk space with 2 GB RAM. The USB port of the computer and a USB cable can work. The OS of PC is one of Windows XP (32 bit)/Vista/Win 7/or Win 8 (32/64 bit) How to Back up Sony Data After connceting device to PC, move to "Backup & Restore" to enter "Backup" option.

But we're not just talking about updating your phone, we're talking about getting it in perfect working condition. Sony PC Companion is useful for keeping your contact book current and for making backup copies of your contacts, multimedia files and galleries, and text messages.

It includes various additional options, perhaps the most useful being a simple way to update the phone's operating system.

After a month or two, Sony rolled out ICS update for its flagship devices & subsequently for middle range devices. Now by fixing the bugs & issues like random lag & resource management, theyve pushed another ICS update with 6.1.1. But with Flashtool (firmware flashing tool for all Xperias), you can apply it to any unbranded / unlocked Xperia U worldwide.

As we all know that theyve taken a bit long time to release ICS updates, it may not be tolerable. Sony started upgrading Xperia U ST25i to ICS in September12. Android 4.0.4 ICS update has improved performance & stability over Gingerbread.

Step by step to use Sony PC Companion : Run Sony PC Companion On the Support Zone click Start Phone / Tablet Software Update click Start On the Pop up click repair my phone / tablet Read this important information carefully and the thick the agreement like the image then click Next Read this carefully and then click Continue In this confirmation screen thick the box and click Next to continue Wait a moment when PC preparing computer for the software update then you will see the screen above.

A couple of well-explained, easy-to-follow steps and you'll have your Sony Xperia in perfect condition and working better than ever.

Don't get lost in dense manuals to keep your Android in working order, download Sony PC Companion and let it do the heavy lifting for you.

Read the important information and thick the box then click Continue Read the battery information and thick the box then click Next Now choose your device and then click Next Follow the instructions on the screen to connect your Sony Xperia to PC Wait a few minutes until hard resetting completed Finish!

If you are the proud owner of a Sony Xperia, and you like to keep it up to date, Sony PC Companion is the application that you need to have on your PC.


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