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Known for his brutally violent policing tactics, Michael Clarke, is a suspended police officer sent undercover to infiltrate the notorious London criminal enterprise of Terence Turner (Patrick Connolly), with the task of bringing the gang boss to justice.

After the character had a severe accident, he was briefly comatose, before recovering. On 21 July 2009, entertainment website Digital Spy reported that Emmerdale would be introducing "a new trio of entrepreneurial siblings", Jai, Nikhil and Priya Sharma as part of the soap's ongoing reinvention.

I'm delighted to be joining Emmerdale at a time when the show is going from strength to strength.

I can't wait to get started." The show's series producer Gavin Blyth said of the family: "The Sharmas are a young, contemporary family independent of their parents and will bring the factory into the heart of the village community.

Former Coronation Street actor Chris Bisson was cast as Jai Sharma, along with Rik Makarem and Effie Woods who were cast in the roles of Nikhil and Priya Sharma respectively.

Of his casting Bisson commented: "Jai is a bit of a charmer and has an eye for the ladies but he's also a hard worker with a good business mind.


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