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Fellows and Samish would alternate who got top billing.John Conwell took over Fellows’ old title of assistant to the executive producer. Jolley would also be busy, including the season’s two-part episode, The Executioners. Larson would rewrite a number of second-season scripts, just as he had in the first season.Most episodes feature only one of the lead characters named Maverick and never more than two.Moore appeared in 15 episodes, but he played a different character in the second season Maverick episode "The Rivals" opposite Garner, while Colbert appeared in a different role in the fourth season episode "Hadley's Hunters" before making two appearances as Brent Maverick.

With episode eight, he's joined by Jack Kelly as brother Bart Maverick. Typical 90% training on the mainland and then serving in the Pacific at the end. Stock footage of the Halekulani Hotel only with interiors shot in Hollywood. The mission was so secret that you couldn't even tell your wife it was secret. The Enola Gay was based on Tinian of the Mariana Islands before her big visit to Japan. ADDAMS FAMILY VALUES (1993) ORION/PARAMOUNT In this sequel Christopher Lloyd as Uncle Fester marries a Black Widow and they honeymoon in Waikiki.Unusually for an American television program, Maverick's main cast varied episodically between Garner, Kelly, Moore or Colbert.As such, the starring cast for each episode is listed below alongside other details.Sorry that’s so inconvenient for Christmas shopping. of the weekly podcast and public-radio show is simple: It seizes on a topic in the recent news (or an occasion such as Thanksgiving or the election) and squeezes it through the wringer of American history.Margaux posted hers last week, Carl’s is today, and Chris’s will be next week. I’m pleased this list begins with maybe the geekiest thing on it – what’s more, not produced in any conventional cultural capital but at the University of Virginia. The chatty and casual hosts are three UV history professors, the “American History Guys”: “18th-Century Guy,” “19th-Century Guy” and “20th-Century Guy.” The latter has the rawest deal because the other two are kinda automatically fascinating.De Mille and the WE'RE NOT DRESSING (1934) PARAMOUNT starring Bing Crosby. AKA: BLACK CARGOS OF THE SOUTH SEAS ADORABLE SAVAGE, THE (1920) UNIVERSAL (Silent) From novel: “Marama: A Tale of the South Pacific” with other quasi Polynesian character names.ADORABLE OUTCAST, THE (1928) UNION MASTER (Australia) Early Australian movie with the theme of interracial romancethat experimented on using some American cast and crew but failed. Native Murama goes off to school then comes back to her dad’s rubber plantation in Fiji to find out she’s a half breed so she runs off to marry a Fijian and goes native all the way. ADVENTURE (1925) PARAMOUNT Tom Moore, Pauline Stark, Wallace Beery and Duke Kahanamoku in Jack London story of a woman who saves plantation owner from black fever and collectors.You will find out that colonial Americans were basically drunk all the time and Christmas was illegal. This should comfort you in the bleakest moments and vice-versa. The glut of great Danish television is no secret by now; the country seems to be picking up from HBO’s 2000s in the 2010s. Tompkins is the single funniest person to hear on any of the endless flood of comedy podcasts that come from L. And more recently, the latest one with Jen Kirkman gender-bending into the role of Abbie Hoffman going on endlessly about “pigs.” Again, with a live audience.This drama about Birgitte Noyberg, who nearly by accident becomes the first Danish female prime minister (which proved prescient), is tense, enlightened, funny and human. It seems difficult to do really good improvisation without an audience or at least more participants – it’s difficult to keep a two-person feedback loop going in a vacuum unless you are Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner, or having sex (or both).


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