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But Drake was enjoying the company of another pretty brunette as he went for dinner at a Japanese restaurant in Amsterdam on Monday.The Hotline Bling singer, 30, seemed in good spirits as he chatted away with his female companion and they tucked into their meal.Installation by Marja-leena Sillanpää and Leif Elggren. In collaboration with LUFF (Lausanne Underground Film Festival). Curated by Vicki Bennett (People Like Us) with AV Festival, Radio Boredcast responds to our ambiguous relationship with time – do we have too much or not enough? This installation is a part of the Moderna Museet collection, Stockholm. – 18 international theorists, artists and designers present projects in “Phonetic Skin” which illuminate various aspects of this theme, including voice phenomena, talking drums, dermographism, clothing, as well as works on gardens, graffiti, and book bodies. March 8-11, Pier 92 & 94, Twelfth Avenue at 55th Street, New York City. In response to our ambiguous relationship with time – do we have too much or not enough? A Short Reprise for Emanuel Swedenborg, Who Went Insane, But For Very Good Reasons. Arguably, the possible fictionalisation and extravagance of these accounts have lead to a certain degree of degeneration in regard of Swedenborg’s reputation, both during his late days and posthumously. 192 pages | 7 line drawings | 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 | © 2011. Advertising: BLACKDEATH NOISE SYNTH More information here. THE DOLLS: Swedenborg, King Carolus XII and Queen Christina as a baby. 15, Strength Through Failure will host the arrival (and 20th anniversary visit to wfmu) of their Royal highnesses King Carl Michael von Hausswolff and Leif Elggren of the Kingdoms of Elgaland/Vargaland. YELLOW & BLACK New York now focusing on Manhattan, Brooklyn & Queens. On the sidewalk in front of 102 W 23rd Street (between 6th and 7th Ave.), New York City (A special thanks to Ken Montgomery.) and simultaneously continuing and spreading out all over the city and beyond.Curated by Peter Bodén, Jonas Ellerström, Johan Melbi. – celebrating the detail, complexity and depth of experience lost through our obsession with speed. – See also: Parole #1: The Body of the Voice / Stimmkörper, Salon Verlag Cologne, 2009. – Radio Boredcast celebrates the detail, complexity and depth of experience lost through our obsession with speed. Taking these peculiar and rather ambiguous accounts as its leitmotiv, the project opens a space for speculation and image-correction of Swedenborg’s stature and meaning in the present. 4 Brockmer House, Crowder Street, London E1 0BJ, UK. January 2 2012, from 8pm, at Experimental Intermedia, 224 Centre Street, NYC: Phill Niblock and Katherine Liberovskaya, Laeticia Morais, Sabisha Friedberg, Byron Westbrook, Bryan Eubanks, Spencer Sweeney, Jeff Burton and Daniel Neumann, Jared Mezzochi, and LE. The kings will be on hand to discuss their current activities, their status regarding recognition by the United Nations, recording and art projects, the ongoing function of ruling a benevolent kingdom with territories that extend out into the universe, ongoing collaborations and the like. Wherever or whenever you may find Yellow & Black images, signs, symbols, etc., they are part of this project.When the weather is this cold, finding a coat that will keep you warm without compromising on style can be tough, but a practical padded jacket like Drake's ticks all the boxes.Click the link (right) to buy it now in navy at Farfetch.Perhaps she -- or you know, someone not as icky to hear it from -- should've included that tidbit, because sex partying is not as easy as you'd think.Here are the 12 rules you absolutely need in order to survive one.

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Little black dress-donned, I made my way to the fourth floor of an undisclosed building off of Fifth Avenue and a low-numbered street. ) Sex Party Rule #2: Have Money Tickets'll run you about 0 per couple, per party, and 0 per single woman.DÖDEN En utställning om Livet, Galärvarvsparken, Djurgården, Stockholm, June 4 – September 4, 2016. [BA 74 rbd] [Bad Alchemy 74, Rigobert Dittmann] The first record ever cut: THE SUDARIUM OF ST VERONICA (1649) by the French artist Claude Mellan (1598-1688). Salon Verlag, Cologne (in cooperation with Errant Bodies Press, Berlin/Los Angeles), 2012. PAROLE #2 is the second issue of a series of publications investigating the materiality of language. According to Freud’s wife Martha, in an interview with Princess Marie Bonaparte in 1938, the couch was given to Freud by a grateful patient, a Madame Benvenisti, in about 1890.’ – Duration: 60′ 05”. Recording devices: ZOOM H4n, Voice Recorder Diasonic DDR-5000, Mini Cassette Recorder Olympus S701.Outdoor installation by LE called “Dormitory for the Dead (detail)”. Three different recordings are available on a CD (FER1065) on Firework Edition Records. Performance and recording together with Pär Thörn & Marja-leena Sillanpää at ISCP Brooklyn, NY. Parole #2: Phonetic Skin / Phonetische Haut is concerned with skin and its relation to language. It represents the surface, the protective sheath of not only the human but also of other “bodies” like the walls of a house, a product’s packaging, the earth’s surface, and so on. Cover and label photographs by LE taken during the recording session. FER1100 (P)&(C) Leif Elggren, Stockholm, London, New York 2012.DAS BAANK New solo LP released by Fragment Factory (Germany) / Rekem Records (Greece). Thanks to Michael Münnich, Kostis Kilymis, Nicolas, Malevitsis. Solo exhibition at Sandvikens Konsthall, November 14 – December 6, 2015. KAFFE Solo exhibition by LE at Galleri Se Konst, Falun, Sweden, 5 – 26 September, 2015. En partenariat avec le Lausanne Underground Film Festival (LUFF), “Le labo” et “Musique d’avenir” s’associent pour deux Nuits de l’écoute les 13 et 27 octobre 2013 sur Espace 2 avec la création d’une installation sonore présentée pendant le festival. Vernissage du livre de Leif Elggren le jeudi 17 octobre 2013 à 22 heures au LUFF, Casino de Montbenon, Lausanne. Edité et traduit de l’anglais par Lionel Bize, Laura Daengeli, Christian Indermuhle, Christine Ritter et Thibault Walter. Thematic playlists run throughout from “Acconci” to “Zzz” programmed by Vicki Bennett. Release and production by DE PLAYER, Hillelaan 49-d, 3072 JE Rotterdam, The Netherlands. §3 CLAIM: “I hereby lay claim to this symbol, sign, icon — the combination of black and yellow — wherever it may appear in this or any other world, in whatever shape, form, pattern or composition, be it civil or military.THAT LITTLE IDIOT New book by LE on Firework Edition, September 2015. This has been a great project to curate and create, and although the theme is Slowness, we urge you to get over there now and have a listen! Co-commissioned by AV Festival info here and info here. I hereby claim to be its originator and owner.” (Leif Elggren, Stockholm 1977) – This project have found its way in different shapes and situations through the years.Now Daily can reveal the lady is porn star Rosee Divine.We can't keep up with the rumours about Drake's romances.Here at GNC - Amsterdam Commons located on 4930 State Highway 30 in Amsterdam, we carry an assortment of high-quality meal replacement options.Pick up some tasty bars to keep in your gym bag or invest in one of our satisfying shakes to make at home.ART´S BIRTHDAY January 22, 2016, Södra Teatern, Stockholm. first hosted the project through the duration of AV Festival (1-31 March 2012) and now this unique and colossal archive is accessible for “Listen on Demand” at freeform radio station WFMU here. Parole is distributed by Vice Versa (Berlin), Les presses du réel (Dijon) and DAP (New York). Buchpräsentation | Performance mit Annette Stahmer und Friedrich Tietjen. With over 100 participants Radio Boredcast includes new and unpublished works, freeform radio shows, field recordings, interviews, monologues and much, much more. THE SUDARIUM OF ST VERONICA (1649) by Claude Mellan and LE. Teckningar, fotografier, installationer, ljud och filmer av Freddie Wadling, Annika von Hausswolff, Per Svensson, Ulrich Hillebrand, Lotta Antonsson, Leif Elggren och Henrik Rylander. Lars-Erik Hjertström-Lappalainen skriver om teckningar av LE. ARTISTS IN RESIDENCE Utställning 21 jan – 24 mars 2012. The exhibition, curated by Niekolaas Johannes Lekkerkerk, Rianne Groen and Nina Swaep, features works and new commissions by Dave Charlesworth, Kitty Clark, Leif Elggren, Bentley Farrington and Marenka Gabeler. There may be sound performances beyond the usual chatter. This is possibly the largest public art work project ever done on this planet.Solo concert / performance by LE called “Variations on a weak electric impuls”. Curated and produced by Brent Gutzeit, Chicago, November 2015. An impressive list of participants were invited to create new radio shows, audio works and mixes in response to the AV Festival theme “As Slow As Possible” and thematic playlists and contextual programming surround these creations. Musikalische Begleitung: Die klingende Bildserviette und andere Raritäten. Thematic playlists will run throughout from “Acconci” to “Zzz…” You can listen continuously for a month, or for hours, minutes or seconds. 12″ poly urethan art record limited edition of 11 pieces, signed and numbered. The project was initiated in 1977 and has since then manifested all over the world in many different forms and shapes — mostly in our shared man-made society, (but not always, no, not always).


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