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I owned a Leader model, made of rosewood.______________________________turtle on a fencepost.... To say I'm jealous would be an understatement - congratulations on that one!If you just google "Paramount Style C banjo" you'll probably pull up some listings for ones that are for sale or on ebay, which will give you an idea of a ballpark figure as regards value (dependant on condition of course and whether or not it's all original or anything on it has been altered during it's lifetime) You could check the Bernunzios website to see if they've any Style C's for sale at the moment - What you've got is a plectrum banjo, by the way, in case no one else has told you yet. If it was Gibson that was in demand, that would be one thing, but it's a Paramount.They have their own tone-ring arrangement and usually lack the power of a Gibson Mastertone.They are still played and favored by a lot of 4-string players in jazz, swing and dixieland.Over the years he used several different name stamps to identify his instruments.In 1888 he began using his peg-head shaped trademark.Any info on how much its worth, dating, or anything at all would be greatly appreciated.

Also, is it best to repair the strings and tuning knobs before selling or leaving as-is?

Over many years, Chuck assembled his own world-class collection of vintage Hawaiian and Mainland ukes, including some amazing one-of-a-kind pieces. Jumpin’ Jim2015 Hi Chuck: I have these two tiples I would like some information on. If someone put a gun to my head, I'd say it was a Helicopter if that was what they wanted to hear.

It was Chucks collection that made up the majority of the ukes in my book, "The Ukulele-A Visual History." Although Chuck has retired from the Uke Yak, his extensive knowledge and unique sense of humor live on in this searchable archive. The first I believe is a Martin but it has no markings besides the number that reads something blotted then 11 the 705, the second is made by Samuel Kamaka in 1971 and is number 1. The first tiple is definitely not a martin for many reasons. The first tiple has some value...400 in today's soft market.

Chuck "Frets" Fayne has been the resident expert for "Uke Yak" since 1998. Stewart last year for 0.00 so when I say this one I bought it. My question is can you tell me more about it price range, rarity?

Since that time he has answered almost 6,000 questions related to vintage ukuleles. Could you tell me the style and date of this Favilla uke? There's some flaking around the sound hole-- is that wax or the original finish? Kind regards, Dee I just bought this Uke on the weekend I did not pay much for it. I think it is made in Japan, the only referance I found was on Tiki Kings but there was no photo. B Scott, if someone put a gun to my head, Id say it was English..


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