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Dating for fighters

In an interview with the British news site the Daily Mirror, the former Boko Haram captive, who goes by the pseudonym Amina, detailed how she had been held captive as a Boko Haram sex slave since the age of 15.

She explained that she was visiting her older sister in their home town of Baga when she was captured by 10 Boko Haram militants who jumped out of a car and beat her unconscious."They were purposefully hunting for girls to kidnap," Amina told Daily Mirror reporter Emma Retter at the Muna Refugee camp in Maiduguri, just five weeks after she escaped.

Dispatches from around the world on the rising global threat [time-brightcove videoid=4080880196001]   [caption id="attachment_3722787" align="alignleft" width="190"] Illustration by Jay Shaw for TIME[/caption] More formidable… More formidable than its al-Qaeda precursors in the view of many experts, the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS) is more than a network of terrorist cells or even a militia: it’s almost a nation.

In the tracts of Iraq and Syria under its aegis, ISIS collects taxes and delivers government services with one hand while slaughtering prisoners and demanding ransoms with the other.

His worry before his death was that the world was no longer seeing the group as an Islamic one, says one senior administration official, but rather a mercenary operation.

Despite the horrifying circumstances in which her children were conceived, Amina said she loves her children."They are all I have," she said.

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Its armies are supplied from captured arsenals and paid with money from looted banks.

Thousands of violent jihadists worldwide have pledged allegiance to ISIS’s black flag.


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