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Dale earnhardt jr dating anyone

Dale Earnhardt Jr’s girlfriend Amy Reimann is not the pushy type.

The two have no plans to get married and are just “enjoying” their relationship.

After a 1,642 day winless streak, Dale Jr rolled into Victory Lane with a convincing win at the Quicken Loans 400 in Michigan.

Celebrating on the podium with him was Amy Reimann, who is Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s girlfriend.

There’s been plenty of buzz and speculation about who Earnhardt is dating for some time, but we’ve gone so long between celebrations, there’s been little room for confirmation.

Reimann and Earnhardt met when she was doing some work in his home as an interior designer.

Having never raced a car before, Reimann enlisted some help -- from racing legend Dale Jr.'s mom.

Fans either love or hate The Intimidator, there is no neutral ground when it comes to Earnhardt Sr.

His famous quote said it all “If you’re not a race driver, stay the hell home,” Earnhardt said.

Download" podcast that is produced by his JR Motorsports.

"I had some issues with them for a while that were pretty frustrating and those have really gotten better. Basically, when I get in these environments, the symptoms I have now are balance."The environments Earnhardt put himself in during the past week included birthday parties for a friend's 1-year-old and his niece's 16th birthday.


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